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It’s safe to say that throughout the years we organized the most memorable press events for Dove in Hungary.

You can see some snippets of these events below!

Introducing the DermaSpa family to the beauty editors and bloggers in Hungary. The idea behind these new products was to take a few minutes to pamper yourself each day as if you were in a spa—so that is what we were going to represent with the decoration. The pastel colors, the bath tub full of the products, the small oasis with palm trees and the stunning catering made the event really Instagram-worthy!



The launch of the Dove AHS Youthful Vitality shampoo, conditioner and BB cream for advanced age.

The event was held in an intimate, cozy café with a gorgeous garden; we put extra effort into the decoration and the set design to put the products in a suitable environment and get the influencers to engage with them.


Dove Laboratory—the launch of the new shower gel formula from Dove was a great opportunity for an exciting, unconventional event. The main product displayed was the new formula that is healthier than it was before, but still just as foamy. So we came up with the idea of Dove Laboratory where our guests had a chance to understand the benefits of the new products better. We teamed up with amazing food stylists to create unusual treats such as foamy drinks and canapés.


Our first event for Dove was held in the garden of the Asian Gold Museum on Andrássy street—we organized a luxurious brunch for the most important beauty editors and bloggers to introduce the new Advance Hair Series family to the press.

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